VeRO & Restricted Items:

There are two categories of items that need to be filtered to ensure that your eBay account stays in good standing:


  • VeRO items: Brands that are not allowed to be re-sold on eBay.
  • Restricted Items: Items that violate eBay's policies.


We are a researching service, NOT an item filtering service. The list of items that we deliver may contain "VeRO Items" & "Restricted Items". 

We have taken steps towards minimizing "Restricted Items", but our filtering is far from perfect and some may still slip through.

We do not filter VeRO items, because eBay listers (such as Yaballe) have excellent VeRO filtering. 



What If I List VeRO & Restricted Items?


If you list VeRO or restricted items, eBay will remove the listings that they are concerned about, and will send you a message not to list any more in the future.

They usually send a few warnings first, then hand out 1, 3, 7, and 30 day suspensions. Further violations beyond this will result in termination/suspension of your eBay account. 

You want to get as few listing violations as possible. We recommend listing with Yaballe and using "Brand Only" VeRO filtering (selecting "Description" and "Title" causes too many false positives).

 VeRO Filtering


We will replace any listings that Yaballe blocks due to "Brand:Vero" for free (usually around 10%). Just forward the bulk listing report to our support email: 

Following this method, one or two listing violations should be expected per 1,000 items listed. Usually just enough to get a few warning emails, but not enough to get your account in trouble. 

Please Note: You are responsible for the health of your own eBay account. Just because our method works for most people, does not mean it will work for all people. Take whatever precautions you believe are necessary to protect your eBay account.