OLD of Paying with Credit Card via Bitcoin:

Step #1: Visit this page to buy bitcoin with a credit card.

Step #2: Enter the cost of the item you are purchasing from us into the "You Have" field.


(Enter the dollar amount and the bitcoin conversion will be calculated automatically.)

Step #3: Click "Exchange".

Step #4: In the "Bitcoin Address" field enter our bitcoin wallet address: 




Bitcoin Address


Step #5: Click "Continue".

Step #6: Enter your information and confirm your email/phone number.

Personal Info

Step #7: Enter the credit card that you want to pay with and click "Pay Now".

Payment Info

Step #8: Confirm your purchase.

Step #9: Verify any information that Changelly asks for and you're done.

(Contact us via email at: dropsource.help@gmail.com to let us know that you have paid.)