Increase Your eBay Limits:

There are several ways to get your eBay account limits raised. This first and easiest, is to switch your eBay account from a "personal" account to a "business" account. Click here to do that. Sometimes your limits will be increased automatically, sometimes they won't be. 

If that doesn't work, the other option is to call eBay and simply ask them to increase your limits.

NOTE: To fully utilize one of our 1,000 item lists, we recommend increasing your limits to at least 1,000 items and $25,000.

Some reps will give you a hard time, others will do it right away. It just depends on the person. They will always tell you different stories, saying, "Oh we can't increase your limits, because we've already given you an increase this month." or "Sorry, your account is too new."

It is important to note that these excuses are entirely made up. eBay reps are able to increase your limits at any time. If the rep is giving you trouble and says they can't raise your limits, the best course of action is to just say, "Aww, oh well. Thanks anyway". Then immediately call back and get someone different. Keep doing this until someone raises your limits. (We have noticed that non-US based reps tend to be more helpful than US-based reps). The friendlier you act, the more likely they are to help you. It usually takes less than 3 calls to get your limits where you want them -- even on brand new eBay accounts.


Example Phone Call:


eBay Automated System: "Hi, Welcome to eBay! Just so you know, we may record and listen to this call."


You: "I need to speak to an eBay representative."


(Repeat this until you are transferred to one.)


eBay Representative: "Can I have your first and last name?"


You: "___________"


eBay Representative: "What can I help you with today?"


You: "I'm looking to get my selling limits increased."


eBay Representative: "Okay, I'm sure we can help with that."


(Possible transfer)

eBay Representative: "Why do you need a limit increased? Where do you get your items?"


(The purpose of this question is to figure out if you are selling items that you own, or if you are dropshipping. Deny dropshipping if they ask. eBay reps often have a bad impression of dropshippers and will not help them.)

You: "I'm cleaning out my basement and am selling my old __________ collection. I already subscribed to the 1,000 item store, I just need you to increase my limits so that I'm able to actually use what I'm paying for. Haha!"


(The rep may want to verify some information. Phone number, address, zipcode, etc.)

eBay Representative: "Okay, great. Let's see what we are able to do. I'm able to increase your limits to..."


(You jump in and cut them off)

You: "1,000 items and $25,000? I've got like around 800 _______ in my collection that look like they're going to sell for around $35 average, so if we could do that, that'd be great."

eBay Representative: "Oh, yeah. I guess we can do that. Let me go ahead and put it in... There we go! The changes should take effect in the next 15 minutes."

You: "Awesome, thanks so much!"

eBay Representative: "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

You: "Nope that's it. Thanks!"


That is how it should go in an ideal situation. Sometimes they may say, "No, we can only increase your limits to ______" or "Sorry, we can't increase your limits because _____". In this case, see if you can work them up on one or the other. This method can be used to stair-step your limits up to where you want them.

For Example:

"Man, that dollar limit sounds fine, but can you increase the quantity a bit more?"
"That item quantity sounds good, but if you could increase the dollar limit a bit more that'd be super helpful."



Example Live Call: 

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