Use A New Account:

The most common problem that our customers face, is listing the items that we provide on a flagged eBay account (which results in very low/no sales). 

eBay went rogue recently and flagged a whole lot of accounts. If you are planning on using an old eBay account of yours, even if you have never listed anything on it before, there is a good change that it has been flagged. 

When an eBay account is flagged, it's listings are pushed to the bottom of eBay search results (resulting in a 97% or more reduction in sales). If you are using an existing eBay account, it is very difficult to know if the account is flagged or not. Flagged accounts look exactly the same as non-flagged accounts. The only way to detect a flagged account is by observing a dramatic decrease in sales/promoted listings for seemingly, no explainable reason. 

TO PREVENT THIS: We request that all of the listings that we provide be listed on a brand new eBay account. Since newly created accounts are "clean" and have no previous history with eBay, they are guaranteed to start out non-flagged.