How To Pay With Bitcoin:

Step #1: Visit this page to buy bitcoin with a credit card.

Step #2: Enter the cost of the item you are purchasing from us into the "You Have" field.


(The proper amount of bitcoin will be automatically calculated by Changelly.)

Step #3: Click "Exchange".

Step #4: In the "Bitcoin Address" field enter our bitcoin wallet address: 1ACCQMwHYUkA1v449DvQ9t6dm3yv1enN87

Bitcoin Address

Step #5: Click "Continue".

Step #6: Enter your information and confirm your email/phone number.

Personal Info

Step #7: Enter the credit card that you want to pay with and click "Pay Now".

Payment Info

Step #8: Confirm your purchase and you're done.

(Contact us via email at: to let us know that you have paid.)



Why We Only Accept Bitcoin:

There are a lot of good dropshippers. That said, there are also a lot of bad dropshippers using stealth methods, stolen credit cards, and hijacked paypal accounts. We are not comfortable enabling this behavior, and have thus removed these payment methods from our website. Bitcoin is secure and hard to purchase with stolen payment information, so it is currently the only form of payment that we accept.